How to add a fighter during the event

If you wish to add fighters you can use two methods.

1. Through the registration process if/when it is open.

If the registration online is closed your customers will not be able to choose this option. If you want to open up the online registration, check these dates:

Add an athlete when the registration online is closed

During the event you can use the "add fighter" button located from the registrations tab.

Start by adding the fighters email adress. The personal email adress is central in Smoothcomp and is required for all fighters. The adress is used to link the fighter to his/her stats and also for the organizers to be able to communicate with their fighters.

If the email adress is recognized it will display the athletes name (or any shared profile) or automatically create a new account.

Now add the fighter to the entry and choose the values.


After you have chosen the club/team and all information is complete then go ahead and press " create registration"

This will add the fighter to a group with fighters that picked the same values. All fighters are unapproved from the start. This means that he will not be added to the bracket when you create it until you approve him/her.

Unapproved fighter

Approved fighter

Once you have approved the fighter you are set and can create the bracket or go to "edit seed" and place him in the "placed" section to add him to the already created bracket.

Click edit if you already have created the bracket. The bye reflects that there is a spot to be filled by Bruce in this bracket.

Move the unplaced athletes to the section where it says "drop athlete here". You can also rearrange the seed if you want. Make sure to save your changes!

Once you have saved, Bruce will be able to Enter the Dragon.

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