Details of the registration view

The main goal of Smoothcomps infrastructure is to let the fighters and coaches do all the work for you, they register/cancel/get refunds/change weight/belt while you focus on other stuff. However, it's good to be in control and have the option to help your fighters if you need it.

Filter and search
When you look at the registrations view, from the top you have a filter and a search tab to look for fighters of a specific weight, search for a fighter by name etc. 

1. This is the start without filters and with the advanced options inactivated.


1. Here is a filter with a search for Male/White/-76 fighters


2. Here is a search for all single elimination brackets. You can also check the box "brackets flagged for attention" and that will filter brackets that needs attention (something has changed within the brackets since you created it). You might have moved new players in or out of the group and need to re-seed the bracket.


3. You can search for all fighters with placements from completed brackets! Perfect if you want to copy fighters that have won medals to the open divisions or to another bracket.


4. You can filter for groups that have brackets with your selection of number of fighters in that group (group is the label we use for all fighters that belong to a specific criteria)


5. Or like this, all Male/White with 1-3 fighters in them. Use this to find a bracket that suits for a fighter that you need to move.

6. You can also use this to search for fighters that have not paid and then combine this with our mailing features.


7. At the bottom of the screen we have a great tool to "close the weigh in".

Practic example:

1. You have the weigh in the day before the event or in the morning
2.When the time to weigh in is over you can choose to close the weigh in for all fighters or for a selection.
3. When you do this, all fighters that has not weighed in will be set as WO (Walk Over) in the bracket and they will loose their first fight.

This will save you loads of time and you can proceed with the fighters that actually weighed in. You can even choose to reseed the bracket to even out the fights.

8. If fighters no longer is in the event and you dont want to see them anymore ;) you can thrash them to get rid of them.

The small thrash-bin icon moves the fighter to the trashed registrations view.


The thrash bin is where all the fighters that you choose to delete end up. From here you can restore them in case you made a misstake.

Change name
Categories are created from your fighters application, you have the possibility to change name of a category but it is wise not to do that until registrations are closed since a new application to the same category will end up as a new application with the old name and the category.

Details of fighters registrations
When a fighter register using our online solution he or she will be placed in "groups" based on the choices he made when he registered. Here are an example of "Men" that will fight in "Ne Waza" in the "-77 kg" category. Each fighter has icons after their name that explains their current status.

* Open the picture in a new window to see a bigger version!

1. Everything is OK
This fighter has paid with the online payment solution "Stripe" (we also support PayPal). He is marked as ok from the weigh in and his approved box is green. He will be placed in the bracket once you create it.

2. Not OK
This fighter missed the weight and his weigh in box is red and box for approved has automatically been unchecked. He will not be placed in the bracket once you create it.

3. Not showed up and can be deleted
This fighter has not paid and not weighed in so he can be deleted using the thrash can icon. All deleted fighters can be restored from the thrash bin!

4. Placement symbol
During the event we will show the current placement of the fighter even here. After the event it is very easy to find your medal winners and if you want copy them to the open classes or match them in any other way. You can filter and search for placements in the top of this screen. Filter for white belts and placement 1-3 to show only bronze, silver and gold winners for white belts.

5. Approved box checked or not?
The green approved box toggles the fighter in or out of the event. If you dont check it the fighter will not be placed in the bracket and will not be displayed on the public frontpage of the event. If you toggle the approved box AFTER you have created the bracket you will need to re-seed your bracket.

When you want to move or copy a fighter you can easily to this, read more in this section.


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