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For Organizers


More information about our SAAS, SLA and GDPR agreements

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Configure settings, discounts, coupon codes, mat settings.

Info about our discount and coupon system, mat settings and how to delete an event.

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Federation/Company Platform

Help articles about our Federation/Company platforms

21 articles

Our different bracket types

Learn more about our different brackets and how they work.

25 articles

Result views and top/ranking lists

Read more about the results view and how to create top/ranking lists for your events

4 articles

Statistics and financial reports

Read more about our statistics section and how to find your financial reports

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Streaming and the Smoothstreamer app

Learn more about our streaming solution using an iOS app and our scoreboard app.

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Team Competitions

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The organizer manager

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Creating brackets and scheduling the event

Learn about how to create brackets, scheduling and how to move fights

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Creating entries, values and rules for your event

Learn how to create your divisions/entries to accept registrations

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Getting started

Complete these steps to get started using Smoothcomp

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Hardware requirements

Read this to understand the hardware requirements

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Import, Export and Print

You can export and print and we can help you import existing registrations.

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Registrations, search and send emails

Read more about the registrations view and how to search for things and send emails

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Using scoreboards and how to display information

Learn about our digital scoreboards and how to show them with your hardware

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Weigh-in and registration of fighters

Understand more about the weighin and how to add fighters to the event the same day

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For Fighters

Using your personal account

14 articles

For Coaches

Coach account, payments

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For Spectators

Follow the competition online

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Brackets & scheduling

Video tutorials on how to create brackets and scheduling

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Video tutorials about our scoreboards

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Live webinars with in depth knowledge about certain areas of the platform.

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Video tutorials about the registrations view and how to move and copy fighters

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Results and ranking

Video tutorials about the results view, advanced statistics and our rankinglists

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Common words used in Smoothcomp

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Credit cards and online payments

3 articles

Messaging (text, email)

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Registrations, search, filter and move fighters

3 articles

Scheduling, brackets, results and weigh-ins

8 articles

Trouble shooting

Tips, workarounds and explanations

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User accounts and how to change information

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