How to configure the weigh-in

You can choose to setup your weight classes in two different ways, normal class or the weight class option.

Normal class will treat all your inputs as standard text and you will mark the fighters as OK or not at the weigh-in. Smoothcomp will not suggest anything for you if they are to heavy and you can move them manually if you want with the standard move features.

Weight Class will treat your values as numeric values instead and will give you more options at the weigh-in. If someone is to heavy (or to light) you will get suggestions by the weigh-in window to take action on. You can move the athlete to another weight class very smoothly.

To configure your weigh-in go to your entries system and add or edit the weight class values. 

Normal class

Start by adding or edit your class (weight)

Choose normal class in the selection window and add your weight classes. 

At the weigh-in (from the registrations view) you will click the weigh-in icon to start.

If you picked normal class for your weights, the weigh-in window will look like this and you can set the athlete to OK or DQ. We recommend that you always leave a comment with the weight and the name of the staff. Click change status and the athlete is weighed in!

Weight class

If you want to use the more advanced option please choose the weight class option for the class Weight. You can choose between kg or lbs.

Click each value to input the weight limits for this value. You can either choose a span like the example below with no limitation for the lower weight (from).

Or set a weight in the "from" section to have the system react to a lower input value also.

Now when when someone weighs in, Smoothcomp will give you options to disqualify or move the athlete up (or down if you set the from value) in weight.

We chose to move Bruce to the -80 division from the take action dropdown.

Move the athlete with the "change status" button and the move wizard will guide you (this is before the brackets have been created).

And we will even create the new group if didn't exist!

Read more about the move wizard here.

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