Connect digital scales to Smoothcomp

We have a partnership with Vetek that manufactures professional scales and we have built support for reading the information from the scale and display this in Smoothcomp. With a barcode/qr scanner and the Smoothcomp ID feature you can have a very professional solution up and running very fast.

Here are the steps to take to connect and display the athletes weight on a TV screen.

Hardware needed:
- Supported scale (contact us for a quote on a professional scale from Vetek)
- QR and/or barcode scanner
- Computer with USB-A port (or use and adapter)
- TV connected to the computer to display the weight to everyone (optional)

Steps to take:

1. Download our scoreboard application and install this on the computers you will use for the weighin.

2. Connect the scale to the computer using the provided usb-a cable adapter and turn on the scale with the power button.

3. Go to settings in the scoreboard application

4. Choose the Weight Serial Connection and choose the USB option (not bluetooth)

5. In the scoreboard app, go to the weighin tab and place the marker in the box for user id to scan the Smoothcomp ID

6. When the scanner finds the user id the results will be displayed in a list. Press the scale icon for the division you want to weigh them in for.

7. In the window that pops up the weight will be displayed from the scale together with a "lock weight" button. Press lock weight to lock the weight and then save together with an optional comment.

8. The weight can be displayed on the TV like in the video at the top. From the application you will create a spectators window and drag that window to the TV. This is especially important in Olympic and professional sports where the weighin is public for an audience.

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