How to create or edit entries, values and rules

We have an unique engine for creating the different divisions in your tournament. This can be a very cumbersome task in other systems and many system do not offer this functionality at all. With our software you will be able to create, edit and delete just as you want.

Lets start with some terminology:

Entries: Are the big sections that contains your different classes i.e (Men, Women, Teens, Children)

Classes: Contains your different values and can be belts, skill levels, age, weightclasses and so on

Values: They are under the class and are the variations of a class, for instance the different colors of belt or the different weightclasses in the class "weight".

Rules: You can set rules for each value. You can combine a set of rules if you like. Rules determine who can enter this value.

The picture below shows a premade tournament where all the entries, classes, values and rules was copied from one of our templates.

This picture shows the class that we named "skill level". Under skill level we created 5 different values (novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert) for fighters to choose from when they register.

This shows the class "weight" and contains all the different values (in this case the different weight classes) for your tournament.

This shows the class "age". To avoid fighters registering for the wrong class by mistake you can add rules for participation in each class they enter. (See below)

This shows how we built a rule for this value where fighters needs to be at least 13 but not older than 15. Since all fighters have a personal account that tells how old they are the system only shows the right values for the fighter when he or she are going to register.

We added a functionality recently where you can ask for information but choose to not include it in the actual division name. Default the box is checked and the values (white, blue, purple etc) will be included in the division name.

When needed its perfect to use this feature for setting rules in one class ro restrict it for other values. 

Example: You ask for skill level in No-Gi but you require that certain Gi belts choose a certain skill level. 

In the skill level class for No-Gi we will add a rule for the beginner values that only those who choose white belt can enter beginner.

Then we uncheck the box for the class belts so it wont be included in the No-Gi division name. The name of the division will now be: Male NoGi / Beginner / "-88 kg"

Great success!

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