How to activate the interview/check in feature

With our interview/pre-check feature you can have an extra check in before the weigh-in. Maybe use it for an interview before the weigh-in or a medical check?

To activate this feature, go to the settings of your event and activate the pre-check-in option.

From the registrations view you will now have an extra option in the weigh in window. If the athlete pass the Interview/Check in the change the status from Unknown to OK.

If you set the Interview/check in status to OK the icon in registrations will turn orange.

If the athlete has not completed the Interview/Check in and you try to input the weigh-in result, a warning will appear. You can ignore the warning if you want.

If you set the status of the Interview/Check in to DQ the athlete will be unapproved from the bracket.

The icon is red and Darth Vader is unapproved.

But lets not mess with the dark side anymore, set him to OK for all status and everyone will be happy.

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