How to create and work with brackets

Create brackets

When registration is closed its time to create your brackets. Go to your "registrations" page and click "create bracket".

You can create brackets one by one by clicking the "Create bracket" next to the group/division.

Batch create brackets

If you have many brackets we recommend using our batch create function and our bracket packages. This allows you to create several brackets at the same time with just a click of a button!

1. Filter your brackets so that they all have the same fighting time (length of the match)
2. Toggle all groups you wish to include in the process
3. Press "Batch create brackets" and then choose use your bracket package or choose each bracket individually.

A summary of the brackets you are about to create

If you have created a bracket package, choose it here

Now choose the settings for all brackets you are about to create and then press create bracket.

Brackets are generated with optimum separation in regards to academy and team so two fighters from the same academy will not fight each other until the finals.

Settings: Change the time rounds, mat, scoreboard and settings for this bracket
Edit seed: Change the seed of the bracket (add, remove and re-order fighters)


Rounds per match
Should the fight be for one consecutive round or divided in several rounds?

Time per round
How long is each round?

Rest between rounds
If you are using rounds, determine the rest between the rounds

Estimated time per match
This is used to calculate the ETA:s for your event. You need to consider how fast you are working per match and the average time it takes to complete a fight. If you are working fast and have the next match ready directly after the first fight has ended we recommend to add one (1) minute more than the figh time. So for a fight that is 5 minutes, put 6 minutes as estimated time.

Which scoreboard should be used for this bracket? You can set your default scoreboard under settings for the event!

On which mat (ring, cage, room) should this bracket be assigned?

Creates results 
This setting controls if this bracket should create results in the results lis or be "out of competition" for the accumulated points for best club and team.

Do you want the bracket to be visible in the schedule or hidden?

Specific settings
For some bracket we have specific settings, like in the picture above for the advandatges on the jiu-jitsu scoreboard

Delete bracket
If you for some reason need to delete your created bracket you can do this from the settings menu for the bracket. Just make sure that you havent started the bracket! :)

From edit seed you can re-order your seed, place new fighters or remove fighters from the bracket. 
A red warning flag next to a fighter or in the overview of “Schedule & brackets” indicates that you have changes in the bracket after it was created (some one might have cancelled from their account or you have removed someone.

In this example Bruce was unapproved  after the bracket was created (WTF!!). The red arrows show how this has affected the bracket and you need to place Bruce in the bracket (or he will use his one inch power punch on you....)

You can reach the edit seed section from registrations by clicking the arrown down button.

Press the "place" button to move Bruce to an open spot (or create a new one with the add bye button) in the bracket and press "Save manual seed" to save the bracket with the same order as it was. If you dont mind the order you can press "Automatic randowm redraw" and that will add the new "non placed" fighter and recreate the bracket again.

Add a bye
If all spots are filled you can add an open spot in the bracket where you can place a fighter

Save manual seed
Saves all changes you have made

Automatic random redraw
Recreates the bracket randomly (but still keeps academies separated)

Publish brackets

When you are ready with your work with “Schedule & Brackets” you publish your brackets by going to the settings page of your event and check the box “Publish brackets”.  This makes everything available to your fighters/coaches and audience. (It also activates the information on “Your account/matches” so that all fighters can see when and where they are fighting.

Print brackets

In “Schedule & Brackets” you click “All brackets” and in the top menu you can choose to print all brackets at once or filter per fighting area and day. It can be very handy to print all brackets as a safety measure in case you have a breakdown of computers, loose connection to internet etc.. We recommend keeping printed brackets at each table/fighting area for the staff to fall back to if anything happens.

Read more here on how to use our scheduling blocks to split your bracket.

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