Apply for organizer status

In order to use Smoothcomp as an organizer and run events on the platform you will need to start here.

Start with naming your organization, this will be for internal use but please choose a name that easily identifies your organization. 

We charge you 12.5 Euro when opening an account and give you a welcoming gift (you get 25 credits in total)

Fill out the billing information and if you have a VAT number you will need to provide this so that we know if you pay VAT. Add your  that will be used for payments of the credits you will be charged when a participant is approved.

You need to review and approve our agreements in order to start using Smoothcomp.

Once you have approved the agreements and we have been able to verify your creditcard for payments you are all set! 🎉

Organiser manager

In this section you will see your current balance of credits. You can also activate auto refill so that you never run out of credits (if you dont have enough credits you wont be able to administer the event).


If you activate autorefill you can also choose how many credits you want to refill with. We highly recommend that you activate auto refill.

From the current balance menu you can see your existing credits and also buy credits manually. We offer different plans with good discounts if you buy in bulk. 

Quick walkthrough of organiser links

Under events we will show you all your events and the number of credits used in each event. If you click stats you will see the statistics of your event with the number of fights, medals etc. Great for you all you stat geeks out there! :)

The settings section is for your API keys for the online payment solutiuon you want to use. We support several different solutions like Stripe and/or PayPal. Once you have created your online payments accounts you need to fill out these settings. You can also activate a custom payment option and give instructions to your participants on how/where to make their payment (maybe you want bank transfers or payment at the event?)

The credit history section show you all transaction of credits. The ones you buy, all your refunds and if we give you credits for sharing your Smoothcomp story with pictures of your event with Smoothcomp on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

Coupon codes are great! All the discount codes you have created will be displayed here. You can read more about coupon codes here.

Under the Federations tab you have the organization code for your organizer. Send that code to the federation that your organizer might be part of.

Under admins & staff you will add other Smoothcomp accounts that also should have access to your organizer manager. Read more about the different roles here

If an entry is activated as a Team Competition this menu will show up and you are able to build out your competition teams (or allow for customers to create their own team names)

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