Creating Team brackets

Smoothcomp supports events with a Team VS Team setup within (most of) our existing brackets.

In order to create a Team bracket you must prepare the following steps

Add an entry with team competition

1. Add an entry to your event that you flag as a "Team Competition" within the settings tab of that entry, you can name the entry what ever you like, in this example we have named it "Team Event - The Final Countdown". 

* Once you activate Team competition for one of your entries you will have a new menu in your organizer manager.

Add the available teams

2. Manually add the available Competition Teams that should be able to participate in the event. This is controlled from your organizer account menu. You can add, rename and activate/inactivate teams as you see fit for your events.

Check this box to allow customers to create their own teams during the registration process. The team will be created once someone pays for their registration while creating the team.

An athlete can click "create competition team" in order to create a new team during the registration process.

As an organizer you can create new teams from the "new competition team menu".

Name the team and click create.

If you need to rename the team you can click the name of the team to edit and then save.

Teams that should not be available to choose from can be inactivated.

Now you are ready to start accepting registrations!

Create the team bracket

Before you create your brackets, make sure all participants within a group all have the same entry AND represent a Team. After the above steps are done you can create Team Brackets for the groups that fulfill above requirements. 

When you create the team bracket everything will look almost the same as when you normally create individual brackets.

The available brackets to choose from is displayed in the next step.

Team size

When you have picked your bracket type you will be asked about the "team size". 

- How big shall each team be?

If 4 athletes plays 4 opponents then you should enter "4" below. 

Working with rounds

A team match have a black header and you get access to a new menu, the "Edit team match line-up". This menu will let you choose what athlete in the respective team will be placed in the first match within the team match.

Choose the team you want to work with and then drag the athletes in the order they are set to compete in each round (a "round" can be the quarter finals, semi finals etc and the order is for the team each time they are on the mat). This order can also be changed in the actual team match during the event.

When a round is started it is not possible to edit the seed of the lineup and the team match lineup is greyed out. Add another round and edit the seed by dragging the athletes up and down in the list.


A Team match could become a tie in amount of won matches, to prevent this and make it logical on how to advance the winning team to the next match you should make sure to add Tiebreakers of your choice as well as define how many points different ways of winning will give a team in the Team match table. The Team competition bracket will use the settings from tiebreaker when the amount of match points ends up in a draw. 

Learn more in this Video about Tie-breakers and Match points

In this team match both teams won two fights each but the winners are "The Force" team since they scored more points in total.

Match points

Match points is another way of determining the winner based on the outcome of the match. Match points for Teams works the same way as they do in Round Robin brackets.

Article about Match points

In this team match the winners are the "Old School" team since they had two submission wins (8p) versus The Force who won one match by points (3 p)

*Note, the actual amount of players participating in the bracket can be larger or smaller. If you have more than 5 players then the extra players will be placed as reserves, If you have less than 5 (maybe 3?) then you will loose match 4 and 5 via walk over. 

Too see how the actual bracket will look and how it plays out as well as how to register please see this article.

More info

Please note that what is called a "Competition team" in this article is not the same as an "Academy" or an "Affiliation" that we use globally on Smoothcomp. A Competition team will only be used for the actual event. How ever, if 100% of the participants in a Competition Team is from the same Academy on Smoothcomp then the match statistics from the Team Competition will be represented also on the academy page on Smoothcomp.

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