Assign access and roles for your admin and staff

When you set up your event you should assign different roles to your staff and give them access to different parts of Smoothcomp.

You can assign three different roles:


Can access everything including API keys, payment options and refunds. Recommended for the event organizer


Can access most views except API keys, payment options and refunds. Recommended for the inner circle of the staff.


Can only access the weigh in from the "find matches" page, scoreboards and the results view. Recommended for staff working only during the event.

To do this go to your organizer manager and click on the Admins & Staff link.

You can invite people in your organization that have a Smoothcomp account by adding their email in the "add user" box and then press add.

Select the correct profile (the account may have multiple).

You can change their access level with the drop-down and then save.

You can remove access for someone by clicking the red X.

When your staff log in they will only see the views that are accessible for their access level.

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