How to create a new event

When you have set up your account and are ready to create a new event you can do this from your organizer menu.

  • Go to your account and then choose your organizer menu and the organization you want to use.

  • From the events menu, click "create new event"

  • Name your event and if the event should "run under a federation", please tick that box.

  • Choose one or more federations that the event should be listed under.

  • Set the venue information.

  • Set the dates for your event and when the first fight is planned to start.

  • You can choose to create your event in several different ways.

  • New event by duplicating one of your old events

  • New event from one of Smoothcomp's pre-made templates

  • New event from one of the templates provided by the Federation.

This makes it super-smooth to create a new event since you already have everything set from last time and that will be copied to your new event!

  • The last step is to press the green button "create event" and then you are done!
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