How to create a Stripe account

When you arrange a tournament on Smoothcomp we recommend to have a online payment solution. It saves you many working hours, instead of manually checking payments and refunds, Stripe takes care of that and you can do better things with your time. have very low fees compared to other solutions and it is very flexible and supports automatic refunds among other cool features. You can log in to your account from or download their smartphone apps to have full control over where your money are. 

We give you full access of your Stripe account and we never charge you for any transactions. All we need is the API keys that you get from Stripe when you create the account so that we can connect your account with Smoothcomp.

  • Once created, click on the developers menu in the top right corner and then API keys.

  • Copy the publishable key and the secret key and paste them in your organizer manager under Stripe.

  • Your Stripe account is now connected with Smoothcomp and payments made to your events will end up in your Stripe account.
  • Automatic and manual refunds can be done from within Smoothcomp but for a more detailed view and to solve disputes etc, please log in to your Stripe account.
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