How to work with bracket packages

Bracket packages is a way to pre-set the type of bracket to be used based on the size of your groups. With bracket packages you will create your brackets in no time!

Lets say you always want Smoothcomp to choose “Best out of three” brackets for two players and “Round Robin” for 3-5 players. With bracket packages it will be done automatically. 

Start by setting up your different variations. You can find the configuration on each event from your admin menu.

Start with naming your bracket package. You can create several different packages if you have the need for that.

Click "add interval" to set up your first criteria. Tell Smoothcomp what kind of bracket it should use when you have 1-2 players for example by adding "2" and then click "choose bracket" (that button will appear when you hover over that spot)

In the next step you will choose what kind of brackets Smoothcomp should use for a group with 1-2 players. As you can see you can not choose some of the other brackets as they require more than 2 players. In this example we picked "double elimination" and are presented with another question.

To have a bronze fight or not to have a bronze fight?, that is the question. We choose to have a bronze fight (because we never back down for another fight). We also have support for the "loser bracket to final" option where the winner of the repechage can get back to the final.

When you are using the double elimination you are also asked who can be a part of the repechage (the chance to win the bronze at the end). We choose "everyone" but you could limit this to final 8, 16 or final 32 fighters.

Keep adding your intervals until you have covered all the variations you use in your events. Once you are done, click save.

When its time to create the brackets, filter out groups with the same fight time. For example, all white belts that fight for 5 minutes. Once you have your desired selection, go ahead and create all brackets in a batch.

Click on "toggle all" to mark all fighters and then click "batch create brackets" at the bottom of your screen.

You will see a list of all the groups that you will create brackets for. Click next.

Now it´s time to use your new bracket package! Click on the package you want to use (or create them as usual with the manual brackets)

In the last dialog you choose the mat and the fighting time for your selection and then the bracket package will take over and choose the correct bracket type automatically based on your numbers created in the first step (at the top of this very long article :)

Done! You will create your brackets in no time with Smoothcomps packages!

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