How to use our scheduling blocks to split brackets

With our scheduling blocks features you can move a single fight to another mat/ring or split a big bracket in several parts to spread it out over your fighting areas. 

Here is how to become a scheduling pro!

In this example we will schedule the lower part of the bracket to another mat and we will also split the final to its own block so we can move that match around within the schedule.

Start by dragging your mouse over the matches you want to move (you can also hold down Cmd/Ctrl and click on the matches). 

When you do this a new menu called  "Add selected matches to new block" will appear above the bracket.

Click on that menu and choose on what mat you want to place your selected matches.

In the example we selected Mat B and Smoothcomp has now moved the matches to that mat and given them a new color (purple). Green color is the matches that are still left on the original mat (A).

You can repeat the process for more matches, you can also move matches to an existing block, or.. can move a match (the final in the bracket for example) to a separate block. This gives you the option to move that match how you want in your schedule

If you need you can rename the labels for the block by clicking edit.

You could rename the new block "Lower half of" so that fighetsr and coaches see that the bracket is split over two mats. The "merge all blocks" button removes all blocks and restores the bracket to its original form.

In brackets view you can now see that the bracket is split on Mat A and B and that the final is in its own block.

Click edit schedule to move the blocks within your schedule. Perfect if you want to have all finals on a separate mat for instance.

Click here to see a video of this feature.

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