Seeding functionality of single/double elimination brackets

In the bracket settings tab you can choose what type of "optimum separation" is used in the single and double elimination brackets. Default in Smoothcomp is to separate first on affiliation, then separate academies and on the last level on nations. But you can edit this if you so choose. See below:

There is also a setting available to seed by rank. When activated you will only be able to seed according to one of the below settings (combos are out):

With seed by rank you will be able to assign ranking numbers on the top ranked players of this bracket and they will get preset spots in the bracket.

The ranking is set in the registrations view and will apply when you create a bracket (if you already made it you will need to do an automatic redraw).

 In the "edit seed" menu of the bracket you can now see the result.

1. The spot for the number 1 seed

2. The "S1" symbol next to Yoda that we gave the first spot (this helps you keep track if you manually change the seed)

3. "Seeding by" helps you see what principle of seeding was used

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