How to schedule your tournament

As you may have noticed, already when you create a bracket you have the option to assign a category to a mat, this can also be done in the settings of each bracket, but it's much more convenient to drag´n drop from the “Schedule & brackets” view.

Here is a explanation of the buttons in this view:

1. "Extended info" show you all the settings for this bracket (type of bracket, fighting time, estimated time and type of scoreboard)
2. Press "TV mode" when you want to show this view on a TV and this view will be adjusted for a 16:9 ratio and looks great. 
3. Click the “unlock drag´n drop” button and then rearrange your brackets as you see fit. Press save when you are done and see how Smoothcomp recalculates the times. When you click save after you have moved a category, the ETA of all affected categories are updated, as well as the “Estimated end”. This is useful when evening out the load of the different fighting areas.

If you wish to change day of a category this must be done from the settings menu from that bracket. (can't be done with drag´n drop from “Schedule & Bracket”)

4. "All brackets" takes you to the print section where you can choose to print all brackets or by mat.

Live estimated times, ETA

ETA, are calculated from: “current time + number of fights x estimated duration of fights”. This is used to predict the end time of the day as well as to give an estimation of that constant question “excuse me, when is my fight?”

But, ETA is more than an estimation made on beforehand. Our ETA are live updated so if you are running ahead or behind of schedule - all ETA´s will follow seamlessly. If this is the first time you are organizing with Smoothcomp remember to inform your fighters over and over again to check the ETA´s from time to time to be ready to fight when it's their turn. Their personal ETA is displayed under the link “Your account/matches.

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