How to create livestreaming for your event

To create livestreams for your event all you have to do is to connect your YouTube account or your StayLive account to your user profile (with organizer access) on Smoothcomp and once the connection is verified you are all set!

With a StayLive account you can offer a PPV (Pay Per View) stream and earn money from your streaming!

Start by adding your desired account/channel to your Smoothcomp profile.

Go to settings from your profile.

In the right column of your user profile settings you will see a "linked accounts" section. 

Click add and choose YouTube or StayLive from the available options.


Choose the YouTube channel you wish to connect and stream to. In this example we have used Smoothcomps channel but you will connect your own channel. Make sure your channel is approved by Google for streaming. Creator Academy on YouTube

Allow [yourchannel] to establish a connection with your YouTube channel. Once you press allow you accept our terms of accessing your channel in order to help you stream using our solution. By doing this you also accept that Smoothcomp might use your content on our platform or in social media.

We will make a check with YouTube to make sure your channel is ready for live streaming. If the connection is OK we will let you know. If somethings goes wrong you will see that and can contact Google in order to solve the matter. Smoothcomp dont offer free support in solving matters with Google.

When everything is ready you will see your YouTube channel linked to your profile. A profile can have several YouTube connections connected.


If you already have a StayLive account you will log in with that. You can also create one by choosing Sign Up and the wizard will walk you through the steps to sign up.

Once the account is created you will receive information by email on how to access your Play Channel where your streams will be located. 

Please contact StayLive if you need help.

Create streams

You are now ready to create the streams! Go to the livestreams menu in your event.

Choose which mats you want to stream from and choose the channel you have connected. We also give you the option to create a teststream that is only visible for you. Use this option to try the software and hardware before the event. 

Please note that YouTube only allows a started stream to run for 24 hours so have this in mind when testing. Only start the live links at the day of the event!

When you press create we will contact YouTube or StayLive and create the streams and you will see this window.

Once the streams are created you will see a Live stream button in your event menu. On that page is where you can see the status of the streams (only visible for you).

- Watch takes you directly to that stream
- Delete does what it says! Be careful with this button as it is irreversible action.

Make sure to monitor this page and keep an eye on the bitrate, it should be somewhere around 2000-3000 to give good quality when streaming in 720p. If you experience low bitrate and are using a fixed fps (frames per second) you need to increase your bandwidth. If you experience low fps numbers it is due to a limitation in your device and you might need a faster one.

From the Live stream menu on your event is where your visitors will access the streaming channels. When they click the channel they will see it open up in a new window on YouTube or StayLive.

Make sure to read the other articles on how to download and connect the scoreboard application with the stream. 

Happy streaming from Smoothcomp!

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