Download the scoreboard app for PC and Mac

Our scoreboard app should be installed on all computers that you use to score the fights with and the app gives you many very useful features, one of them being able to put the scoreboard online so it can be intergrated in the streaming solution we offer.

With the scoreboard app (instead of the browser version):
- You will have one operator window and one spectator panel so all inputs are only visible to the operator
- All points are visible in the app at all time so the scoreboard makes inputs even faster
- The scoreboard app downloads all data locally to the computer so if Internet were to go down for you you can still continue with seeded matches

To get started, follow these steps.

1. Download the latest version of the app from our download page. The app works both for PC (.exe) and Mac (.dmg).

2. Install it on all computers that you will use for scoring the fights

3. Log in to the app with your organizer account

4. Choose the event that you want to work with

5. Choose the channel (mat/ring) so that the Smoothstreamer app (if you are using our streaming solution) gets the correct scoreboard in the stream

6. Score the fights!

The scoreboard is only used for scoring the fights. For bracketing, scheduling and our other features please use the browser and the platform.

Screenshots from the scoreboard app

Operator view with the points visible (for the scorekeeper) 

Spectator view without the points visible (for the TV screen)

To create the spectator view click "window" from the app menu and then "create spectator"

To save a fight click "end game"

Choose who won and the winning method (this fight was to the death so no winner by points here..)

(If you need to go back there is a back button)

Click save to... save :)

When the fight is saved and online you can proceed with the next automatic fight in the order or go back to the fightorder.

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