Email selected fighters

We have built tools for you to speed up your communication with your fighters. You can use our filtering option to search and find a selection of fighters or send to everyone using your email solution of choice.

Maybe you want to email all male fighters who have not paid yet that tomorrow is the last day for registration? Simply filter the group you want to reach and look for the email buttons in the bottom right corner.

filter_not_paid.png At the bottom of your "registrations" list you have a list of buttons.

  1. "Download email list" will start a download in the background and when its done you will be able to save a file with all currently filtered fighters in text, ready for you to select, copy and paste.


This notification will appear when the file is ready to download.

Click on the notification bell next to your profile picture to see the notification centre and then click the file you want to save.

2. If you prefer to work with csv-files you can download a CSV instead. This file you can edit and also import to another email system like mailchimp or mailgun.


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