Ranking (Premium platform)

On the premium version of our  federation/company platform you can create your own ranking lists based on a number of criterias, and we will walk you through an example below.

Ranking lists gather points from the event toplist settings:

Ranking can be done for athletes, academies, affiliations, nations and states

Here is how to create your ranking on your federation/company platform. Start by going to your Federation Admin and then click ranking and create new ranking.

In the next pictures you will first see what type of list you can create.

Toplist name: Start by naming your list

Type of list: In this example we will build a list that counts points towards the "Athlete" (you can also choose Academy, Affiliation, Nation and State (US)

Divide toplist: We choose one "Global ranking" because we only want one list in the world (but you can also choose "by continent and country")

Season: If you have created seasons you can pick the season this list belongs to in this section.

After that you can filter your list based on different criterias from the  entry system.

You can include registrations based on; Entry, Class, Event name, Academy name, Academy nation and Users nation. You can also inherit other toplists you have created (to save time when building the list)

After you have picked your value in the first box, choose if the list "contains", "does not contain", "is", "is not" or "starts with"...

In our example we chose that the Entry-Contains-Men-Or-Women

Pay attention to the "OR" and the "AND". With "OR" our list can contain both Men & Women. When adding something with AND the values you include must also be met in order for your ranking to count them.

Be careful with "IS" (always be very careful with those maniacs!) since that needs to match exactly. "Contains" is a wider filter and recommended.

Our final list will include results for: "Men" & "Women" that have registered for the class "Black" in the event "Final Fight".


In order for ranking to work: 

1. The player must have published results from the event.

2. All the rules must match from that event (check the "is" rules carefully)

3. The ranking list updates every hour, so if you change anything you must wait for a while to see the results.


You can also add offset points for your ranking! Read more in this article

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