How to add offset points to the rankingsystem

If you have ranking points from a previous system and wants to start using Smoothcomp you can add points to your new lists! You can also use this feature to manually adjust points for an athlete, academy, affiliation etc.

Start by going to the list you have created and that you want to edit.

You can choose athletes from the federation members in the dropdown or enter the athletes id nr. Add the points you want to add, write a optional comment and then click create!

If you can't find the athlete in the dropdown (because they might not be members of the federation) you can enter the athletes id instead. To find the id, copy the last digits from an athletes profile page.

Once you added offset points they are collected under the ranking list on the federation platform. If offset ranking rules apply it will be marked with a number like in the picture below.

A created list can not change type (from athlete to academy for instance)

You can delete someones points if you need...

Are you sure about this..?

We advise you not to fly down that path...

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