How to create a top/ranking list for your event

In your events you can create a top/ranking list based on the results of each bracket and show this list to your audience and online. Smoothcomp automatically calculates the lists based on published results from your brackets. 

We have built a very flexible system based on our entries engine and you can create toplist based on many different criteria's. You can even display a list for the fastest winning method in your event!

Start by clicking the Ranking settings menu and Ranking lists. Click "Create new ranking list" to get started.

Name your ranking and choose what kind of list you want to display. 

You can choose to display list for:

Athlete, Academy, Affiliations, Combined Affiliation & Academy, Combined Affiliation or Academy, Nation, State (US).


If you want to display the fastest win during the event you need to pick the "fastest win" option in the list and then pick the winning method used in the scoreboard (like submission, Ippon, KO etc).


The toplists are based on placements so if someone does not place they will not display in the fastest win list. Please consider this when making and using the fastest win option. We recommend also keeping this data offline in order to track all fastest wins.


This option will make exceptions if you dont want to count wins when there is only players from the same academy, affiliation, combined affiliation & academy or nations.

Tiebreakers for the list

In the case of a tie in the list you should always add a tiebreaker to help Smoothcomp differentiate the placements.

Choose between:

  • Most wins
  • Most total medals
  • Most gold medals
  • or a combination of all in hierarchical order (Most Wins, Most Total medals and most gold medals)

If you want to publish your list immediately then check the box for published. If you want to work on your list first then leave it unpublished for now.

If you dont want to include all results you can filter out on Entry, Class or Nation and then create rules for what the list should count. In this example we have selected that only Entries that contains the name "Male" AND "Female" should be included. Read more about our entries system here

You can select from different criteria's to build your lists, here is an explanation of the criteria's:

  • Contains: Entry contains "Male" but can be "Male Gi" and it will count
  • Does not contain: Entry with "Male" will not count
  • Is: Entry must be only "Male" to count
  • Is not: All entries but "Male" will count
  • Starts with: Any entry that start with "Male" will count.

Once you are done then remember to save your toplist.

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