How to display results and best academy & team

Results are fully automated from the brackets. This means no extra administration for publishing results and as you see below, we have a smooth way to show the results and the upcoming fighters to be awarded.

This is our recommended way of working with the medal ceremony.

  1. Connect an iPad or computer to a TV screen by the medal podium.
  2. Have on of your crew logged in to Smoothcomp using a smartphone, tablet or computer and go to the "Results" tab.
  3. Press publish when you see that the first weight class has finished.
  4. Ask the fighters to step on the podium to receive their medals.
  5. The fighters in the coming up section can wait until its their turn to receive the medal

Every time the last fight of a bracket is decided and saved to the system the person who hands out the medals has the information at his/her fingertips. The medalists show up in a line in a chronological order and once you are ready to hand out medals you press publish and the result is displayed live on the site.

If you want you can choose to take another weight class, apart from the order and publish that one to the podium in case you don't want to wait for fighters from one class to show up.

The top list on “Best academy & team” is also updated when you press publish.

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