How to create a season for the ranking

If you are a Federation/Company customer you can use our powerful ranking features that automatically calculates your ranking. You can also create seasons and assign your events to each season.

First go to your Federation/Company Platform and click on settings and the event tab.

Start by creating the event season name

You can name it what you want and you can change the name later if you were to change your mind. Save when you are done.

From the start there will be no events connected to this season. You will need to assign each event that belongs to the season.

Go to each event that you want to include in the ranking season and under the Federation link you will find the season selector. Here you can choose your season and each event that you will include will count points for this season.

When you have connected your event you will see that the numbers have been updated and in this example you have included 5 events in the Season of 2019.

When you create your rankinglists you need to choose the season that they belong to to show the correct points.

When looking at the ranking you now have a season selector where you can choose what season to view. Each list also have a label that says which season it belongs to.

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