How to create your fighting areas

Under mat settings you will create your categories (days/venues) and your mats/rings. 

Check the date and times as all times for the matches depends on these settings!

Categories can be used for “number of days” or “different venues” for example.

Once you have one category with all mats created you can use the duplicate button and like magic... (actually its our developers who are the magicians) it will be duplicated.

In a weekend competition in one (1) venue you can set it up like this: 

  • First (1) category becomes Saturday
  • Second (2) category is set to Sunday.

You can also use the category for geographical separation:

  • Category 1 is set to “Madison Square Garden”
  • Category 2  to “Central park” 

Click create mat to create your fighting areas. You can name them anything you like (mat, ring, cage etc)

Under each mat you have the settings for that specific mat.

  • Name: Name your mat according to your standard (this will show in all schedules)
  • Prefix: This is shown before the match number (3-37)
  • Category: Which category (see above) does this mat belong to
  • Message: You can display a message in the brackets schedule by typing something here
  • Mat visibility: We have options to hide the mat from the schedule, searches and fighter user accounts (use with caution!)

The brackets overview

The scheduler

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