How to display information on TV screens

One of the biggest wins with Smoothcomp is that fighters can access tournament information from the comfort of the their palm, wherever they have internet. This means everyone is well-prepared come fight time, but when you are warmed up/stressed up you might have put away your phone and start to wonder what to do, then the organizer can help, doing the following:

Display “Current matches” (TV-mode)

Connect a computer to a big ass TV and go to the view "Current matches" and choose “TV-mode". 

You will be asked to choose between compact or full view.

This gives a live updated view of the queue of each mat. Blue arrows means currently fighting, yellow bullseye means ready at the "bull pen" (area close to staff/reported runners) and hourglass means go to "bull pen".

The compact view shows 8 mats per page and max 5 matches per mat.

The full view shows 4 mats per page and max 10 matches per mat.

This screen is very good to display at the calling area/bullpen/weigh in or whatever you call what you use where you call your fighters into the fighting area. Probably the most useful screen and the one to prioritize if you only have one screen available.

Display “Brackets” (TV-mode)

This is an overview of today's schedule where you can see all brackets per mat, their respective ETA and which bracket/brackets are currently running. Helpful to get a grip on the tournament day. It answers the question: “what time will you be finished today?”

Press TV mode and choose between compact or full view.

Results (TV-mode)

This view shows the current medalists on the podium as well as upcoming categories to be called to the podium.

Best academy & team

If you have a “best academy” competition then this view will be good to display on a TV-screen close to the podium to bring extra excitement to each category.

Read this article on how to set it up!

Look up your fighters through with the filter/search function at “Find matches”

(this section is also for the weigh-in just before the first fight)

Use the microphone to inform your audience/coaches and fighters to make use of the system, go to “Schedule & Brackets” / “Find matches” and see what ETA´s are on for everyone from your academy, check when you kid is fighting or check when “that famous guy who won the worlds is fighting next”

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