Setting the dates & refunds for your tournament

Start by setting the dates and the time that your event should be visible in the event calendar (this is not related to when the first match should start). To set the time for the first match, go to mat settings.

Registration periods

Set up your registration periods, we offer three levels.

1. Early bird (optional)
2. Normal
3. Late fee (optional)

The dates and times you choose here will determine when the online registration starts and when it closes. You can specify if you want to have an early bird period (when the price is lower than normal) and/or a late fee period (when the price goes up). 

The dates and times will be displayed on the front page of your event.


You should set the last date and time for users to edit and cancel their registrations. 

Under visibility you can choose to hide the list of registrations, incomplete (not paid) registrations in the public list. If you don't want to show the number of registrations in your event you can hide this from here.


The option for refunds also gives the ability to give a percentage of the fee back before a specific date. You can also choose the give a refund in coupon code instead. The fighter will then get a code (accessible from their account) when cancelling and the code can be used next time they register for one or all of your events. 

If you want you can give fighters the chance to have a refund upon cancellation.



This is where you specify which timezone you are in so that our system for dynamic starting times for all the fights work accordingly to your local time (this is set when you create your event)

Date format
You can choose between european standard or US standard for your dates.

12 (am/pm) or 24 hour clock
You can choose to use am/pm or the 24 hour clock in all views where we display time.


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