How to adjust pricing for your classes

Under settings & pricing for each entry it is possible to adjust the details. See below for an explanation on each section.

Title: Name of the class

Description: Describes the class and is visible for your viewers

Visibility: By default this setting is on. If you dont want to display this entry you can uncheck the box.

Registration: By default each entry follows the registration dates for the event. If you want to have different settings for the registration you can set this here (maybe you want to have the open/absolute class registration to open on the same day of the event)

Pricing: This is where you adjust how much it will cost to participate. 

We have support for three levels of payments (you set the dates and times for this under the settings menu)

1. Early bird (optional)
2. Registration period
3. Late fee (optional)

This is how your frontpage looks when all three levels are activated. Learn more here about setting up your registration periods.

Availability: You can restrict access to this class by only allowing fighters with a previous registration from another class to register (this could be useful for the open classes where only fighters that have fought in their normal class can participate)

Multiple registrations: How many times should one fighter be allowed to register for this class? Sometimes organizers allow fighters to compete in two different weight or age classes.

Remember to SAVE at the bottom

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