Add a promotion and discount

Our discount system allows you to give discounts for someone that register for more than one entry. You can give the discount in money or in a coupon code. You can add as many discounts as you like and combine them as you like.

Go to the Discounts section and create a new discount with the blue button that says "Add new discount".

If you want to give a discount for someone that register for three different entries you need to start with that combination and place it at the top because our discount system works in a hierarchical order.

In this example we have given everyone that register for three different entries from "Men", "Absolute Men", "Women", "Absolute Women" and the "Seminar" a discount of 30 USD during the normal registration period and a 40 AUD (the currency is reflected from your account settings) discount during the late fee period. We give them discount on their total when they check out. The value in the boxes for normal fee and late fee should be the sum of the discount.

If you want to give a discount if someone register for two entries you can add another discount. Click the Add new discount button to add it.

In the next discount section we give everyone that register for two of the entries a discount of 20 and 30 AUD. If you want you can choose to give them their discount in a coupon code. This coupon will stay in their account and can be used when they register for another of your events.

Remember to save your discount and then you are done.

This is a one time set up, if you create your next event by copying from a previous event, Smoothcomp will copy all these settings.

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