How to create your federation/company platform

For federations and companies running several tournaments we can provide you with On this customisable page you can gather all administration for your academies and tournaments in one place.

To get started you will need to create your Federation Platform account. We offer two plans, Basic or Premium.  Please go here to read more about our plans and then choose your plan.

Start by choosing the name of your Federation and it´s subdomain. Choose carefully and check your spelling, it will not be possible for you to change after you have created it. 

Choose the plan you want and enter your credit or debit card number. This card will be used for the monthly or yearly subscription. Once your card is approved you will be presented with your new federation menu. 

Press continue to payment. 

Make sure to accept all the steps in our Terms of Service agreement. Once you click get started and your creditcard is verified you have started your subscription and will get access to all its features.

Welcome to your Federation Platform!

Start by clicking the Federation admin button.

The top menu shows Content, Academies, Members etc. Here is a short description on what each page is for.


This is your CMS tool and is available in the premium plan. CMS stands for Content Management System and from here you can build the menu for your federation pages.

From the start the CMS shows you an Information page and a link to the News page together with links to the Academies, Athletes and Event pages.

News/Blog page

If you want to add a news page for example click +add and add a page

To add or edit news, click the news link.

Click on the green button to create a new post

Add your caption and your text using the predefined boxes. You can also upload a cover image for this post using the blue button "upload new image".

You can style your text, add links to videos etc using the styling editor. When you are done hit that green button and your news will be on the line.


Under this section is where all your member academies will show up. You can create your different types of memberships like "Basic", "Advanced" and charge your member academies per month or year.

This picture shows a detail view of the academy membership and a link to the academy.

You can set the academies as pending, approved or rejected. In the settings for your federation you can decide how the status of each academy needs to be in order to compete.


This area is part of the premium plan and you can charge your members for individual membership. Under settings you can create your different levels of membership. If you click on any name you will see a detailed view of that user and can set them as active, pendning or reject their membership.

Under event settings you can decide the parameters for your events and if the user must be a member, approved and have an active payment plan in order to register. You can also decide if the academies must be approved, have an active payment plan and if its members first needs to be approved before they can register to events.


You can let several different Organizations be part of your Federation/Company and display their different events.


Main platform: Streetfighter Productions

Organizations: För Stenungsund Kampsportakademi, Nacka Dojo, Bruce Lee events, Street Fighter Events

Each organizer have a organizer code in their account. Ask them for that code and add it to include this organizer in your platform.


Ranking is available in our premium solution and you can build dynamic ranking list with our ranking tool. You can rank on; participants, academy, team, nation and state.

You can build your ranking lists and include or exclude events based on their name.

In this example the list have two rules:

1. Entry is Black (Entry is the top level like Men, Women etc)
2. Event name; "contains", "does not contain", "is", "is not" or "starts with" the word International


This page contains all the events from all organisers that you can make visible on your platform. 

In our premium solution you can let the events different templates become available for all organizers. Templates are sets of predefined combinations of Entries, Classes and Values that creates the divisions you create your brackets from. Read more about templates here.


Clicking settings will open up a new menu starting with Federation. Under this menu you can choose logos and background image for your federation.


Under the billing section you will see which creditcard you have on file for payments of your Federation/Company platform. Here you will also see your current subscription plan and you can also change your plan from here. Invoices show you all the subscription fees and you can download a receipt of your. 

Payment settings

This is where you input your API keys from Stripe, PayPal and/or other online payment solutions that we support and you want to offer your users to pay with. Smoothcomp never charges any fees on the transactions!


Set up your different membership plans here. Do you want to charge your academies but individual memberships should be free? No problem, it is very flexible and you can combine as you like and as many as you choose with our premium solution.

Name it, describe it, price it and set it to charge a one time fee or a date when it needs to be renewed. 

You can also define age rules for who should be charged based on their user profile settings. You can choose age rules based on their "current age right now" or by "the age they will turn this year".


Under the membership menu you will find several submenus that controls your memberships section.

User´s data

This is a really powerful tool for collecting information of your users when they register for your memberships. You can set the desired options to be required by default. These settings will be standard for your platform.

Academies data

Ask member academies to answer or upload information before they can complete their membership application.


Not used for all federations but this setting can ask for personal numbers in free text or in a specific type of format.

Status settings

You can create a predefined set of status reasons to be used when you set a member as pending.


Add your terms of service/waiver text here that all members needs to accept.


Event settings gives federations tools how the platform should handle its events and its members. Make sure you go over these settings thoroughly so that members and academies can register as smooth as possible but that the federations still maintains the level of control it desires. 

Custom data

This tool is en extension of users data and gives you the option to add your own values to each event under your federation. Maybe you want your members to upload a medical certificate or choose a t-shirt size? Build your own custom data and collect to the bank (of data).

Want athletes to upload a file when they register? No problem, choose the file option.


You can create categories for your events and then categorise them on the event page.


Create seasons for your ranking (premium plan) 

Now its time to connect your organizer(s) to your federation and populate your start page with events. 

Head over to this article to see how.

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