How to set the points for your top/ranking lists

If you want to display top/ranking lists in your event you need to configure how many points each placement gives. We have support for as many placement points as you like and we even have support for overrides so you can give more points for a specific belt, skill level etc. You can also give extra points for winning methods!

Start by clicking on Ranking settings and Awarded points.

Click +Add placement to get started.

Configure how many points each placement should give. In this example Gold (placement 1) gives 9 points, Silver (placement 2) gives 3 points and Bronze (placement 3) gives 1 point. You can keep adding placements if you want more than the medalists to gain points.

If you want you can activate overrides. This gives you the option to add extra points for a specific entry, belt, age etc. Click on the "overrides" button and the the + to add a placement point.

In this example we will award 15 points (instead of 9) to Men/Black/Adult.


If you want you can also award extra points for winning methods. In this example we give 5 extra points to anyone that wins by Submission, Ippon, KO or Golden point. All the winning methods we have in Smoothcomp are added to this system.

You can even use the overrides for extra points! In this example we give 10 points (instead of 5) to Men/Black/Adult that wins by submission.

Remember to save when you are done! You can see where the overrides are, activated by the blue mark.

To learn how to build list to display based on these points read  this article

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