Import CSV from another system

We always recommend you to use Smoothcomp for your registrations. However, if you started in another platform and want to import those entries and registrations to Smoothcomp we can import those for you. We can handle imports from Strongvon automatically.

Please see the Smoothcomp-import-example.csv for an example (open it in Excel).

• File should be CSV-file in UTF-8

• DOB (Date of Birth) should be in the format YYYY/MM/DD

• Country should be in two-letter-format (ISO 3166, alpha 2 code). Full list:

Entries and categories

Entry: The main group, for example "Male", "Women", "Kids".
Category: The category within the entry, for example "Belt", "Weight", "Division".

Please see the attached CSV-file for example. The Entries and categories starts at column J. Each column starts with Entry and is divided by colon (:) before the Category. For example:

Male:Belt ("Male" = entry : "Belt" = category)
Values in cells might be: White, Purple, Black

Male:Weight ("Male" = entry : "Weight" = category) 
Values in cells might be: -72kg, -76kg.

Male:Division ("Male" = entry : "Division" = category)
Values in cells might be: Juvenile, Adult, Master, Senior

More general information about CSV here.

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