Send messages (SMS and Emails) with Message Center

The fastest way to communicate with your athletes or members is to send them a SMS or an email and this is possible from within Smoothcomp using the Message Center service.

Note: The receiver of the message will not be able to reply to your message.

To get started you need to add some funds to your wallet for Message Center. Go to your organizer manager and find the link that says Message Center.

Click “Add” and then add your credit card to the Message Center feature (can be the same card or another card that you use for your credits to approve athletes)

Once the card is added you can add funds to your card.

When you have added some funds you will get your starting bonus 🎉

Now you are ready to start sending SMS and Emails! This is perfect if you quickly wants to reach out with information.

Go to registrations (you need at least manager access level in order to use this feature). Choose all or filter out who you want to send a message to and then click the Send Message button at the bottom of the screen.

You can compile your message in the editor and instantly see how many SMS messages you will send and also the cost. You can send either SMS or Email or both if you prefer this. If you click "see list" you get an overview of who will receive your message.

When you are ready just click Send and off it goes 🚀

But it does not stop there, you can also use this as an automated service when you move or copy an athlete from one division to another!

In your Message Center overview you can see the status of each message and a summary of your cost.

If you want to know the current pricing per country then click the pricing link and a new page will open up.

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