How to use the different scoreboards

Smoothcomp supports different scoreboards

The system works the same for all sports which makes it easy to use and learn. When its time to create brackets you will choose from our different scoreboards. If you cant find a scoreboard that works for your sport we can do custom programming for you and build your scoreboard. Please contact us on for more information.

Scoreboards are very easy to operate from tablets or computers and should (for best result) be hooked up to a TV displaying the points to the fighters and the audience.

Where and how to open a scoreboard

Try out the different scoreboards by creating a demo account on the demo-site and let the crew play around without stress before going live. It´s not difficult but it´s important stuff they are working with, so they should be comfortable navigating the few pages they are working.

We recommend to always run your event from the "view mat" button located on each mat.


This button takes you to the detailed view of the mat. Here are all your divisions (weightclasses) to the left and all the matches to the right. If you follow the order of the fights our algorithm will give all fighters at least one fight rest between fights and at least two fights rest before finals. In your admin menu you can adjust the rest under "schedule settings". As you can see in the list to the right Smoothcomp mixes different weightclasses to optimize the schedule!


You can also start a fight from "current matches". Click on the fight you want to start and it will show the scoreboard and bracket buttons.


You can also open a scoreboard by clicking a fight from the "Find matches" tab.

You also have the option to start a match from the bracket if you hover over the match you will get the option to "go to scoreboard".


The controls for the scoreboards works the same for all. In this example we show the scoreboards for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (IBJJF).

+2, +3, +4, +A, +P
This is used to give the points (+2, +3, +4), the advantages (+A) and the penalties (+P) given by the referee.

- Give points/advantages/penalties by clicking on the “plus-side” on the side belonging to the fighter who was awarded or warned. 
- Retract points/advantages/penalties if you made a mistake by pressing on the “minus-side” 

+1 SEC, +10 SEC, +60 SEC
If the fight time is wrong (it was set when the bracket was created), click the +1Sec, +10 SEC or +60 SEC to add or reduce to the total fight duration. You can also use this if the scorekeeper forgets to start the clock

This button will take you back to the bracket view where you can see all the names in the tree view.

This button takes you back to your fightorder for your mat (where you should work from during the event)

If the fighters names appear on the opposite side of what you would want, you can click this button to switch (the color markings remain on it´s original sides.)

When the fight have ended, press “End game” and choose the winning method. 

Choose the winner and how they won ("Won by"). The scoreboard will display the winner with some graphics for the the suggested winner, please confirm with the referee before you press “save”. The scoreboard asks again if you want to save, CLICK OK.

After a fight is done just click next match and the system picks up the next fight in chronological order. 


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (IBJJF)

Specific for IBJJF
(International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) competitions.

Points available:
2, 3 and 4 points
Advantages and Penalties


Specific for the ADCC federation (Abu Dhabi Combat Club).

Will be updated with new design!

Points available:
2, 3 and 4 points and -1 point.
An accumulation of points will be displayed in the big white area, the minus points in the red area underneath. Note that the total points is to be manually calculated as per request by the ADCC federation. Plus 4 and minus 1 will not be displayed as "3", it will be displayed 4 and -1.

JJIF Jiu-Jitsu Fighting
Specific for JJIF
(Ju-Jitsu International Federation) competitions.

Points available:
1, 2, 3 and 4 points
Shido (light warning)
Chui (strong warning)
Hansokumake (disqualification)
Medical attention

Fighting system has 1 point (waza-ari) and 2 points (ippon) for the different levels of points given. An accumulation of points will be displayed in the red or blue areas. If a fighter gets one ippon in all three areas of JJIF fighting (1: punches and kicks, 2: throws/takedowns and 3: ne-waza) the match will stop and show 100-0 on the scoreboard.

The penalties called shido (light warning) will be displayed under "shido" for the fighter given the shido and one point will be given to the other fighter. The penalties called chui (strong warning) will give the opponent two points. Two chui warnings stops the fight and the fighter is disqualified (hansokumake)

The scoreboard have a button for the "osae komi" (pinning the opponent in the ne-waza part). It gives one point after 10 seconds and two points after 15 seconds.

There is also a button for "medical attention" to give the fighter a maximum of two minutes rest in case of an injury. When it is 10 seconds left the scoreboard will give a warning sound, blink in red and once the two minutes are up it will give a sound.

Ne-Waza (JJIF)

Ne-waza has the same setup as the scoreboard for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but it is adjusted for the differences in rules regarding advantages, points and colors.

Round Based Scoreboard

No points available. Only the clock and the controls to choose the winner.

UWW Grappling

A scoreboard custom made for the UWW Grappling-gi federation.

Points available:
1, 2, 3 and 4 points
+W and -W (warning)

Kyukushin Karate

Specific for Kyukushin Karate competitions

Points available:
+ Ippon (1 point, in the big area for points)
+ Waza-ari (1 point, at the top)
+ Chui (shown under the chui section for the fighter it was given to)
+Genten (shown under the chui section for the fighter it was given to)

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