Capacity Rules for the event

If you need to set a Capacity Limit for your event we have a rules engine for this and you find it under the capacity rules menu.

You can add rules to limit;

  • Max Capacity for the entire event
  • Max Capacity for one division
    (Max capacity of athletes in a class for Age, Belt, Skill, Gender for example)
  • Max Capacity for academies/clubs in a division
    (only allow 2 athletes from the same academy/club in a division for Male White belts for example)

Here is an example of a limit of 900 athletes for the entire event. When this limit has been reached the registration will close automatically.

Once you save your rule you will see a summary of this rule in the overview.

Here is an example of a Max Capacity for the entry Men White belts. A limit of 250 is added for the entry Male AND the class White. 

*Note that you need to add the name of the entry from your entries system, make sure to use the same spelling!

Here is an example of a rule that only allows 2 athletes from the same academy/club in the Male OR Female entry.

When you have added the rules you need you will see them and their action in the summary rules page.

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