Add belt/skill rules to your entries

To promote fair play we have the option for organizers to add belt/skill rules to their entries and demand a certain belt/skill to register for that class. Athletes that once compete at a certain belt/skill level are after that restricted from competing at a lower belt/skill. We also show the belt/skill history on each athletes profile page.

As an organizer, to add belts/skills to your entries, start by going to your entries system.

For the class that you have for belts/skills, add all your belts/skills and then add rules for each belt and make sure they correspond with the belt/skill value. We have added belt systems for the largest established sports in the world. Contact us if you are missing a world wide belt system. 

Once you have added all the rules/skills the athlete that wants to register to the class "Belt" with the value "Black" must have this belt in their user profile.

An athlete can add the belts they have been promoted to from the user profile or have their belts from synced over automatically. Read more on how to add belts or sync with in this article.

We will also add the verification process to our federation platform users (national federations, larger companies) and they will be able to verify belts/skills within the membership sections of the federation platform.

Once an athlete has competed in an event on Smoothcomp in a class that have one of these rules it will show on their profile page. Once they have results in that belt/skill it will not be possible for the athlete to register in a lower belt anymore. Fair play!

Here is an example from a user profile with the belt history.

We even show in which event they competed in for that belt/skill and link to that event from the profile.

As an organizer it's important when you move fighters from one group to another to maintain their belt. Use the move button to move an athlete. 

If an athlete claims that their record is wrong they can contact support @ and we will help. 

Also read this article on why you cant edit certain values of your profile.

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