How to create your coach manager account

Our coach manager gives coaches options to register, edit and pay for all the fighters that belongs to the academy.The first coach to register an academy will automatically be appointed as coach manager

He or she can then approve more coaches from the academy if you contact them. You can see who is responsible for the academy on the first page. 

If you can't reach the contact person(s) you can ask our support for help.

Send an email to and write:

- Hi, my name is:
- I would like to have coachaccess for this club (s):

We will check and either refer you to the existing coach manager who will approve you or we will upgrade your account.

Everyone that wants to use Smoothcomp for more than browsing the events, brackets etc needs a personal account. Once you have this you can have your account upgraded for more features. 


Click on the create account button

Complete your profile settings and choose your club in the list. If the club is open, no approval is needed. (If the club has activated the member approval setting you will have to wait for the coach to approve you before you can register for events)

Once you have contacted the coach or Smoothcomp and been given access to the coach manager, click on ”Account”, choose ”Your account” and then  ”Coach manager” and your club

Read more here on how to use the coach manager and all its features.

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