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We do have a lot of affiliations and academies in the database, but of course not all. Anyone can create an academy, and will become manager of the academy when doing so. But affiliations is only created by us, the support team. Below is our terminology and instructions on how to create your academy or affiliation.

Here is Smoothcomps terminology:

Affiliation= One team/affiliation that have several clubs representing the team/affiliation in competition
Academy= One academy/school/club with students training for one (or more) instructors in one local place.

Please let us know if you still want us to create an affiliation and we will gladly help.

If its an academy/school/club that you are missing you can create this by yourself here:

If we find an existing academy with a similar or the same name in our database we will suggest this first. If its already created, dont create another one! If its not your academy and you still want to proceed, click "I want to create a new academy".

Add all the information in the boxes

Write something about your academy and upload your academy logo (smaller). You can also upload a cover logo that will be visible in the back ground of your page. 

Decide if you want new members to be approved automatically when they pick your academy in the registration or if you manually want to approve them. If you activate the approval, remember that you need to approve them before the event, otherwise the points are not counted for your academy. The last question to answer is if your academy belong to an Affiliation (a bigger team of academies that fights under the same flag)

Now you have a beautiful page that everyone can visit and learn more about and follow the medal progress.

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