How to change weightclass or cancel

If you want to change your weightclass or cancel you can do that as long as the event organizer lets you to.

1. Start with logging in

From here you can:

  • Edit your registrations
  • Pay for your registration (if you choosed to skip that when you registered)
  • Cancel your registration
  • Add more divisions

2. Go to "my account"

3. You will see an overview of your registrations. If you wish to edit or cancel you can do this from here.

If the period to edit is open (set by the organizer) you can press edit to change your weightclass etc. Once you press edit you will see your current registration values and you can change them and press save at the bottom.

If you wish to cancel you can do this if the period for this still is open. You will see this confirmation screen that gives you information about the status.

Sometimes the organizer offer more divisions you can enter and you will be able to add them from the "add more" button.

There you have it, with your account you are always in control and can control your registrations and reach the ultimate goal to become a Smoothoperator.

Good luck at your next match!

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