Registration or results shows wrong academy

If you have registered for one academy but for some reason wants to change this and the edit registrations period is still open you can change your academy by yourself. 

Go to your account and find the registration you want to change. Click the edit button.

Change the academy in the dropdown. If you need to make other changes you can do that here also

If the academy requires manual approval by the academy manager he or she will get an email to confirm that you are a member of his/her academy and they will need to accept it to make your registration update before the match have been played out.

Here is an example of how it will look if the registration period is closed. You will not be able to edit your registration.

If the match/matches are over and you have the wrong academy showing up in the results you need to contact the event manager and have them assist you in changing your academy for the statistics. Smoothcomp support does not interfere with organizers event so please turn directly to the organizer.

Here is an example of when a fighter (not just any fighter in this case) had the wrong academy in his registration and the results are posted but it was a misstake and he wants to change this. Only the event manager can do this

Wrong academy for Bruce. 

The organizer can go to the bracket and manually change the academy and save.

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