Find out your dynamic starting time

With a smartphone or tablet in your hand at the event you have the power!

In order to find your dynamic starting time you will need to be  logged in to your account. 

Go to "your account" from the top menu. 

You will see:
- Account = (normal user)
- Account + Coach manager = (normal user + coach)
- Account + Coach manager +  Organizer manager = (normal user + coach + organizer)

Go to "Account"

If the organizer has published the brackets you will see them in your account. These times are dynamic and will change during the day. As soon as one fight is saved in the system the times updates and you will be able to follow this in real time and know on the minute when you are fighting. 

3. You will see an overview of your account and if you are bracketed you will see the magic answer to the question: When is my next match?

4. Click on your next match to expand the menu and access the short links to your bracket, current matches and the overall schedule

Same things works here to expand and see the bracket.

With your smartphone you are always up to date on when and where you are fighting. If the organizer changes something, if the event runs faster or slower it will reflect in your account. We hope you will use it and love it.

Good luck at your next event!

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