How to create your in-house tournament

Welcome to the first step to create your in-house event on Smoothcomp!

Our platform is used all over the world in large events and professional world championships but can also be used in your in-house tournament or club championship. There is no limits on how small (or large) and event should be for it to be even better with Smoothcomp.

If you have 1 laptop and 1 TV and are able to access the internet you are all set!
To learn more about hardware, read our article on how to set it up.

Some of the benefits of using Smoothcomp in your in-house event.

- Get more prestige in the room
- Add a practical digital scoreboard
- Get results posted online very easy
- Athletes gets all their matches saved to their profiles

Smoothcomp championships is possibly the smallest Smoothcomp event in the world, here in our CEO Martins home dojo. 3 players round robin bracket. 1 laptop and 1 TV. You don't have to be an expert to set up an event. It is actually really easy!

To get going you need do first upgrade to become organizer
Follow the steps in this article.

The cost?
You pay for each participant, nothing more, nothing less. Please check the bottom on this page for our current pricing.

Once you have become an organizer, see below how to set up an event using our In-House template.

Go to your account and then choose your organizer menu and the organisation you want to use.

From the events menu, click "create new event"

Choose the name of the event (this will be seen by everyone that visits the event)

You will be asked for the dates when the event dates and timezone in this step.

Choose the location of the event

In the next step, you will be able to choose from our templates, pick the "in-house" template we created for you to make it easy to get started.

We have created a quick template that could be modified to include any division you need. 

To change a division name, simply rename it like this - or delete it if you prefer

We hope this was easy and that you are up and running in no time!

When you need help or wants to learn more then please read this article about entries and pricing.

Leave pen and paper behind you and raise the stakes for your next in-house event!

Co-founder Martin Varghult about to take the backCo-founder Martin Varghult about to score some points

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