How to use matchpoints in Round Robin brackets

In Round Robin brackets you have the option to calculate the winner based on two criterias, wins or points. In submission only events (jiu-jitsu) a common point method is to give 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

  • Wins is the default value and will calculate the winner of the bracket based on 1 point for a win and 0 points for loss (and draws).
  • Points gives you the option to assign points to a win, loss or draw and even assign points to the method.

If you are using a format where you give your fighters points based on  how they win and even give points for draws and losses you should use points.

Here is a bracket based on points for wins (5p), wins by submission (10p) and a draw gave (1p).

Here is how to configure matchpoints.

1. Go to the matchpoints menu

2. Click add points and assign points according to your rules and click save, to.. save (dah..)

3. Create the point system you want to use, you can give points for any win (default) or assign points to a winning method (the way the match ends and what button the scorekeeper use). Decide what to award for draws and losses and then save.

4. When it's time to create your Round Robin bracket make sure to pick "match points" in the setup.

Tiebreakers (pick a winner even if the points are equal) 

In Round Robin brackets there is a possibility of a draw at the end (all fighters have the same amount of points). To declare the winner you need to set up your tiebreakers before the event. Wanna know how? Follow along...

1. Go to the tiebreakers menu

2. Create your tiebreakers in the order they should be implemented. Smoothcomp will (in the case of a draw) look for the first rule, then the second rule and so forth until it can determine a winner.

Thats IT, good luck!

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