How does a team bracket work?

Smoothcomp lets event organizers set up "Team Competitions" and we have support for different variations of a team event. The event organizer will invite to their team-event with instructions on how to form a competition team. The team names can be created by the organizer or someone from the team can create it when they register and pay for their participation.

The entries for the Team Competition will look a little different compared to normal individual divisions. You will see the text "This division is a Team Competition" and you will be prompted to choose your team before entering what classes are available. 

* As it works today an athlete can not just pick their academy or affiliation from the database as it will be hard to control what players are scheduled to take part in the actual event.

The display of the bracket

A Team competition bracket will look like an individual bracket (it can be a single elimination, double elimination, round robin or other type of bracket) but with the difference that the matches in the main bracket is contested between competition teams. When you hover over a Team match you will see a link that say "Go to team match".

The display of the teams show the athletes at the top and then the individual matches.

This is how the registration view displays a team match entry. Each team has two registered athletes in this example. A team match can also be larger and contain reserve players.

This is the view of the bracket with all the team matches.

Match points and tiebreakers

The Team match is often decided in how many wins each team gets. In some cases the organizer can use match points and awards more points based on how the athletes win in their individual matches.

In the case of an even score, the win could be decided by tiebreakers.

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