How to cancel or postpone an event

If you for some reason need to postpone or cancel one of your events and no one have registered yet you should change the date and the name of the event and use if for your next event instead.

  1. Go to events from your organizer manager and click the event that you want to postpone. 
  2. Change the dates of the event to the new date (if you have that)
  3. If you just want to hide the event from our event finder you should change the visibility to "only organizer"

If you still need to cancel the event and automatically want to refund everyone we have a tool for this, you can find it under admin/statistics/financial.

Under the financial tab you will find a button named "cancel event and refund players". Only use this button if you really need to cancel the event and automatically want to refund all athletes!

* Before you start, download all registrations as a .csv file

When you use the cancel event feature the following will occur:
- All registrations will be deleted!
- All athletes will be refunded according to your preferred method (coupon code for one of your events or their money back to their card)
- Smoothcomp will refund you for all cancelled registrations in credits back to your organizer wallet
- The event will be closed for new registrations (the max capacity feature will be set to 0)

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