What kind of brackets do you have?

We support many different variations of brackets and we can also customize brackets if you cant find what you need. Please contact support for an offer

Currently we support these type of brackets.

  • Single elimination for 1 player (to give medals for single players but yet count points for ranking etc)
  • Single elimination with a bronze fight
  • Single elimination without a bronze fight
  • Double elimination with a bronze fight
  • Double elimination without a bronze fight
  • Round Robins (True RR or set a max nr of fights)
  • 3 players comeback (a brackets for three players that gives a fair chance to the gold for everyone)
  • 2 players- Best out of three
  • Multistage brackets (three options)

Here are examples of different variations and its layouts.

Single elimination (if you loose your are out) with the option to let the two loser in the semifinals have a match about the bronze or not.

For double elimination you can choose bronze match or not (just like in single elimination) but we also have the option to let the winner of the loser bracket come back to win the gold. 

When you choose the bronze match or double bronze options you are asked to choose who can be a part of the repechage (second chance). You can let everyone be a part or only the final 32, 16 or 8 fighters of the main round.

Here is the double elimination bracket where the loser bracket can come back to win the gold.

For round robin brackets you can choose "True Round Robin" where everyone plays everyone or in very large groups you can limit the amount of matches to 2, 4, 6 or 8 matches. 

Here is an example of a true Round Robin and Ivan Drago fights 5 times (but will he beat Rocky?)

This Round Robin is set to only give a maximum of 4 fights and as you can see, Ivan now fights 4 times.

Of course he doesnt beat Rocky.

In the event that all fighters end up with the same amount of wins and losses and the points are equal we have a tiebreaker tool to determine who the winner is. We have numerous tiebreakers so pick the ones you need and put them in a hierarchical order. Set this up prior to your event if you are using Round Robins.

In our multistage brackets you can divide athletes in different pools and then have a set number of athletes advance to the elimination stage.

Here are the settings for one elimination bracket where we set four (4) athletes to be in each group. From each group we let one (1) fighter advance to the elimination round.

In the next step we choose the type of elimination bracket.

We now have three different groups with four fighters in each (we had 12 fighters to work with). Below is group A.

Below is group B (with the death match between Chuck and Ivan)

From each group one fighter will advance to the elimination round.

Make sure to check out our  bracket packages to work even faster when making brackets. 

Read about each individual bracket and how it works in this section

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