Add your promotion history to your account

To add your promotion history to your account you have two options, manually or by syncing your account from your account (for brazilian jiu-jitsu).

The smoothest way to automatically add your jiu-jitsu belt is to create a free account on and add the belts that you have been promoted to by your instructor. Beltchecker works by having the jiu-jitsu community vouch for you and verify your belt. Once you are verified your profile is ready to be synced to Smoothcomp.

Add your Smoothcomp profile id to

1. Find your Smoothcomp id by going to your profile page

2. Copy the last numbers from the url and then go to your beltchecker page.

3. Edit your profile on beltchecker.comand find the section for "social media and other sites".

4. Paste your Smoothcomp id nr in the Smoothcomp field

5. Once you have saved and the sync has begun (syncs about every 10 minutes) you will receive an email to your Smoothcomp email that ask you to verify the connection.

6. We will also notify you on your profile page and you can also verify the connection from your account.

Once you have confirmed that this is your account the account will be linked and you will see a badge under linked accounts in your profile.

Don't worry if you confirm your account from your profile and then click the email confirmation, we will inform you that the account link already have been handled.

Thats IT! After some time your promotion history from beltchecker is transferred over to your Smoothcomp account and it will stay synced. If you get promoted and add this belt/skill to beltchecker the new belt/skill will be synced over. 

If you need to remove a belt you will have to do this manually from your Smoothcomp account.

You will not be able to remove belts/skills that you have competed with on Smoothcomp. Read more here why it's like this. 

Certain fields in your profile are also locked after the first time you have competed with your account, read more about locked fields here.

Add your promotion history manually

If you don't practice brazilian jiu-jitsu or don't have a beltchecker account you can also add your promotion history manually.

1. Go to your account settings on Smoothcomp

2. Find the belt/skills level section and add your belt/skills in the forms.

Once you have added all your belts/skills make sure to save all changes on the page!

Your profile page will show your promotion history and the events you have competed in with your belt/skill.

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