Who can access my data and how do I withdraw consent (GDPR)

Smoothcomp has the role of the data controller on the platform. On your account you can access all your personal data that is stored on the platform. Whenever you register for a tournament you are informed that you now are sharing your data with a third party, the event organiser. To be able to organise events the organiser will need to access your data, our agreement with the organiser allows them to access your data for all things related to their event. On the event terms of service the organiser might ask for your consent to contact you for other purposes as well.

On your account you can easily see who you are sharing your personal data with. Go to "Shared user data" and you will have everything listed.

Events that you have participated, Academies that you are connected to and Federations you are member of.

2 weeks after an event you can choose to hide your contact information from the event organiser.
All academies that you are connected to can access your contact information, if you want to disconnect, just "leave" the academy here.

If you have any federations membership you might have data uploaded there as well. If you do not want them to access you can choose to cancel your membership.

Smoothcomp can always access any information you store on our platform, if you want to delete your information you will need to delete your account, see below.

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