Please remove/delete/hide my account (GDPR)

To respect your right to privacy we have offered 1 setting and 1 delete function for you to use.

If you do not want your stats to appear in ranking lists or people watching your statistics you can use the switch "Hide public profile". This Switch is default off (account visible for all newly created accounts) but can easily be adjusted in your settings.

Go to your account

Look for the section that contains your public profile. If you wish to hide your profile, activate the button. 

(when we launched profile pages all account holders younger than 16 were set to "hide public profile" due to GDPR adjustments)

We have also added a "Delete Account" button that completely removes your personal data stored at Smoothcomp. (all contact info and personal identifiers will be removed). 

In event results and statistics your account will appear as "unknown user" but the results will still count for your academy and affiliation and nation so old results/toplists do not get broken.

To delete your account, go to the delete account section in your profile and confirm.

Please note that your data will occur in search engines such as google until googles searchrobots revisit smoothcomp. If you need data to be removed from a search engine after it has been deleted at smoothcomp then please turn to the search engine provider, Google has a tool on this link

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